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This module introduces learners to the concept of community media. Community media gives voice to participants and citizens in grassroots and marginalised communities. By promoting alternative voices, community media puts social impact and the everyday life stories of people that it represents centre stage. In this way, community media is distinct from commercial and public-sector media. This module gives learners the opportunity to experience and develop skills as practitioners of community and collaborative media. There are four themes covered in this module:

Community Media Principles: This theme considers how community media is recognised as distinctive from other forms of media, and how issues such as: social impact, participation, representation and activism all help to define and shape community media.  Learners will be encouraged to look at how people working in community media acquire a sense of identity as an alternative form of media that is formed at the grassroots, and thereby supporting alternative voices.

Community Media Practices: This theme considers how community media is defined through a set of practices and actions, such as citizen’s journalism, the local reporting of news stories, ethical reporting practices, sharing and collaborating in media production roles, and taking part in a community of practice.

Community Media Case Studies: This theme will look at community media groups as they are active in Leicester, and will encourage learners to take part in different events and group sessions. The aim with this theme is to encourage participation in different types of community media and to share experiences and stories about how they work in practice.

Community Media Social Impact: The main difference that community media offers is that it looks at media participation and representation as a process that serves alternative needs within society. Rather than simply being commercial or mass entertainment, this theme investigates the difference that community media makes in the lives of people living in local communities.